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Guest Column: Jim Benedict

By June 23, 2016No Comments

Sometimes Philanthropy can be Overwhelming.

You have the best intentions to give back to your community. You are a philanthropist at heart.  You want to give to foundations and charities that are dear to you. But sometimes obstacles stand in the way.

Your business is doing extremely well.  You work a 60 hour week. You travel a lot. You are busy being successful.  But you want to give back. You want your business to have a philanthropic culture.  But time is just not on your side. You just don’t have the time or staffing to focus on philanthropy and build a fulfilling company philanthropic program. You are frustrated, but there are solutions.

Or, you want to reach out and gift to your favorite causes. And you do. But, you don’t want the many other foundations and charities to hound you for funds. You mean well, but you want to focus on charities that fit your passions and interests. You want to be philanthropic, but you don’t want to be pestered.  There are solutions.

Or, you know the categories that you want to give to, but you do not have the time to vet the various opportunities that are available. Your time is valuable and you just don’t have the time to fully identify the best charitable opportunities that fit your desires. You want to select great charities, but you don’t want to disappoint the ones that ‘don’t make the cut’. There are solutions.

A solution worthy of discussion is to reach out to an individual who does innovative charitable planning and implementation. He vets opportunities. He builds giving plans. He runs interference for you. He manages the giving process. He is your eyes and ears in the philanthropic arena.  For more information please reach out to

About Jim

Giving back has been part of Jim Benedict’s persona throughout his long Marketing and Advertising career in San Diego. While building a successful marketing business, he also served on many non-profit boards.

Jim served on the USA National Volleyball board of directors when the Men’s Team moved to San Diego. He was involved when the Women’s Team moved to San Diego as well. He served as Vice President of the board and enjoyed the Men’s gold medal moments at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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