Mary H. McGroarty, CPA
Tax Partner

Mary H. McGroarty began her expansive education background at the University of San Diego where she earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1989. She continued on to get her Masters in Education in Counseling and Student Services, from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1997. In the fall of 2007, Mary completed her degree from San Diego State University, graduating with a Masters of Science in Taxation.

Before her career in public accounting, Mary worked in educational settings. Mary spent two years in Rome, Italy serving as a boarding supervisor at the Marymount International School.  She worked as a housing director at the EF International School in San Diego and as a school administrator at Aspect International Language School in La Jolla.  In 1999, Mary began her career at LB Advisors as a staff accountant. From there Mary progressed to management; and in the beginning of 2012, Mary became partner in the firm.

Beyond the firm, Mary served on the Board of the Center for Sustainable Energy from 2013 to 2020, including two years as Board Chair.

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