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QuickBooks Tips: Downloading Financial Information Directly Into QuickBooks

By July 21, 2015No Comments

Managing your bank accounts and credit card balances can be one of the most frustrating and time consuming aspects of running your business. Using the QuickBooks Bank Feed feature can eliminate some of the most common problems with reconciling your accounts.

  • Avoid missed transactions
  • Avoid duplicate transactions
  • Save time from manually entering each transaction
  • Improve the accuracy of transaction dates
  • Improve the accuracy of transaction amounts

With QuickBooks Bank Feed you can securely download new transactions or match existing ones. The first time you work with QuickBooks on downloading your activity, you are essentially teaching QuickBooks about your business. Soon QuickBooks will start recognizing familiar transactions and match some of them for you. Downloading these transactions can be done one of two different ways.

  • Direct Connect – Users login seamlessly to the financial institution within QuickBooks (Recommended)
  • Web Connect – Users will download a file from the financial institutions website and then import the file into QuickBooks

Most financial institutions offer participation in QuickBooks Bank Feeds Direct Connect or Web Connect at no additional charge. The Bank Feed feature is already available to you with your QuickBooks Software versions 2013 or newer as well as with QuickBooks Online. With a few simple steps you can get started today and we are here to help you along the way!

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