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2005 - Mark, Lisa & Steve

After working at another local firm in San Diego for a year I quit my job and moved to Florence, Italy for a year. When I returned my previous employer offered me a job. I didn’t necessarily want to go back there but after a year of living off my savings I almost pressed the easy button. My friend worked for KPMG and told me that her client’s husband had a CPA firm near my house and that her client was awesome so I should go check it out.

I went to the website to find Lisa, Mark and Steve on the beach all smiles and windblown hair. Then I went to my previous employer’s website to find 8 men in dark suits sitting around a conference room table. I was sold. L&B was where I wanted to be so I went and dropped off a resume.

20 years later I have grown from a staff accountant that had never done a tax return (including my own) to a tax partner.

– Michelle Myhra

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